January – February 2018

CIS onsite’s Philosophy

  • CIS onsite’s philosophy is that there is value in work activities from both the employer and the employee viewpoints.
  • CIS onsite’s founder: Sheila Panozzo’s background in worker’s compensation case management has shaped the overall philosophy of our onsite services: that Work is a vital component in every individual’s life and if for some reason an individual is unable to work, services should be provided that focus on expedient, timely and safe solutions to return individuals to being productive and working
  • CIS onsite was among the forefront of companies that brought the rehabilitation of the injured worker directly into the work environment to provide the rehabilitation onsite at company’s facilities and job sites, assisting the injured worker in a safe, smooth transition back into their jobs.  The onsite rehabilitation proved to produce improved clinical results for the injured worker and significantly lowered the rehabilitation costs for the employer. Due to our customer’s needs, CIS onsite quickly grew from offering onsite therapy and case management to providing injury prevention and wellness services.
  • CIS onsite focuses on: keeping employees healthy and at work, offering excellent customer service, and incorporating job site interaction into all our services.
  • We have partnered with companies to assist them in increasing their business’s profitability by providing proactive solutions of injury prevention, physical therapy/rehabilitation, and case management for the past 21 years!

For more information, call CIS onsite at 866-298-1312, or visit our website at www.cisonsite.com.

Dynamic Warm-Ups

For the longest time we have been told that static warm-ups were the best way to loosen up our muscles prior to training or competition. However, we are now aware of the use of dynamic warm-ups, and research heavily supports them as the most beneficial way to warm-up in order to maximize performance. This doesn’t just apply to sports. It applies to any physical activity, including work.

“The effectiveness of your warm-up can not only affect the likelihood of injury, but also directly impacts your ability to perform to your maximum ability. As such, dynamic stretching plays a major role in maximizing your performance levels and should be a key part of any warm-up.” KEY BENEFITS OF A DYNAMIC WARM-UP:


1: Dynamic warm-up means your body is still continuously moving, even while your muscles are stretching. The purpose of warming up is to prepare your muscles. You need to increase your muscles core temperature and dynamic warm-ups can accomplish this. If you put 5-10 minutes aside before your work day to do a static warm-up, this can lead to your muscles’ core temperature dropping. Although your muscles may be stretched and feel loose, they will actually be less elastic and not as powerful.


2: Dynamic warm-ups will prepare your muscles in an activity-specific way. While a static warm-up may loosen the muscles, it has no relevance to what you are actually about to perform. When you are preparing for a work shift, your body needs to be prepared for the intensity of whatever tasks are ahead. Warming up dynamically will prepare your body for the different types of movement that will be performed throughout your shift.


3: Dynamic warm-ups get you mentally prepared for the work day. A static warm-up is more relaxing than anything else. This can trick your body into a relaxation mode and can be a difficult transition from rest period into active mode.


4: Dynamic warm-ups help to improve the range of motion around your joints. This will help reduce the chances of injury. Over time this will improve your performance and maximize your movements due to the increase in flexibility of your joints.


It is clear that dynamic warm-ups are more beneficial than static warm-ups when preparing for any type of activity. This should become a part of your pre-shift routine.  Our pre-shift dynamic warm-up incorporates all of the major muscle groups, and will prepare your employees for the physical demands of their job.


Squat and Back Roll                – Squat down maintaining arch in lower back              – At the bottom of squat, roll back and neck as you return to standing position              – Repeat 3x

For more information, call CIS onsite at 866-298-1312, or visit our website at www.cisonsite.com.

Valentine’s Day – Mindful Eating

February is the month of receiving gifts from your loved ones for Valentine’s Day. Many of the gifts will be in the form of chocolate. This year take a moment to savor your Valentine treat.

“Mindful eating is eating with intention, attention and awareness. The purpose of eating chocolate is pleasure. So when you are eating what you love, give it your full attention and love what you eat.” — Dr. Michelle May, founder of AmIHungry, which teaches mindful eating.

♥ As you select a piece of chocolate to enjoy, notice what flavors and textures you are craving.

♥ Become aware of any feelings of guilt. Set guilt aside so you can be fully present.

♥ Sit down to savor your choice without distractions.

♥ As you unwrap the chocolate, listen to the sounds and notice the aroma.

♥ Take a small bite, then pause. Become aware of the textures and flavors on your tongue.

♥ As you begin to chew, notice how the flavors, textures and aromas change.

♥ Notice pleasure.

♥ When you have fully experienced your bite, swallow, then pause to notice how long the flavor lingers.

♥ Slowly repeat until your treat is finished.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/14/well/mind/how-to-be-mindful-while-eating-chocolate.html

For more information, call CIS onsite at 866-298-1312, or visit our website at www.cisonsite.com.

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