May- June 2021

Workplace Safety: Solutions to protect your most valuable assess,

“Your Employees”.

Having questions about your workplace safety? Ask yourself these questions:

  • What programs/processes does your company use during the hiring process?

  • What programs/process are available to address the increased risk of injury from an aging workforce?

  • When engineering controls have been exhausted, what work practices or trainings can reduce risk of injury?

  • A lot of injuries can be managed and prevented with self-care. What can you do to help your employees with pain/discomfort?

If you determine that you need additional programs/processes within your safety program, CIS onsite has programs available that address the above needs for your workplace safety.  Contact us to discuss.

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Identification of Ergonomic Solutions

 What are your top ergonomic concerns/needs?

  • Lifting
  • Gripping
  • Office set up for home and onsite.
  • Push/Pull
  • Reaching


An evaluation of your worksite can provide you with recommendations to address your concerns and offer you solutions that can be implemented.  CIS onsite is available to provide you with a facility wide or specific worksite evaluation.

For more information, call CIS onsite at 866-298-1312, or visit our website at

Top 3 Safety Tips For The Summer – Ultimate Guide 2021

Three safety tips that can help you to remain healthy and safe during the summer. Summer can be offensive!

The scorching rays of the sun do not allow for outdoor fun and the humid weather makes you sweat throughout the day and may even lead to dehydration.

So, here are a few tips that would allow you to stay safe and healthy during summer.

No, we won’t repeat those suggestions such as drinking plenty of water and other cliché tips.

We have some safety tips for you that you have not thought about previously. So here are some summer safety tips for the summer!

Don’t drink too much alcohol during summer:

Alcohol and heat form a deadly combination. In summer, there are high chances of your body getting dehydrated.

Alcohol promotes it further. Other problems that may arise due to drinking of alcohol during summer are dilation of blood vessels and increase in body temperature.

Instead, if you drink some fruit-based refreshing drinks, you will be in a better position during summer.
It often happens that people head on to a bar after an exhaustive day at work and then go straight for swimming.

It has been observed that there are many accidents taking place due to drinking.

People are not able to swim properly when they are drunk.

Also, boat accidents are not uncommon. It has been seen that many people die as they fall off boats, being unbalanced, and are chewed by the propeller.
So, one drink for a woman and two for a man are the permissible limits for alcohol in summer.

Drinking beyond this is a strict no-no.

Eat anti-oxidant rich foods:

Anti-oxidants are important since they neutralize the free radicals and ions that are accumulated in our body and thus prevent us from various diseases such as cancer, stroke and heart diseases.

The beta carotene present in the summer fruits also has anti-inflammatory properties. During summer, a tendency of being infected with these diseases increases.

So, you need to supply antioxidants to your body so that you can combat these diseases.

Good examples of anti-oxidant rich fruits are grapes, berries, mangoes, citrus fruits, pink grapefruits, and water melon.

All these summer fruits supply the right amount of anti-oxidants to your body with and also enrich your body with water since they are hydrous fruits.

The summer berries, particularly the raspberries and strawberries, contain ellagic acid, a phyto-chemical that fights against the cancer-causing factors. It should be noted that you must eat all the edible parts of a summer fruit.

For example, do not peel off the skin of the apple since there are important ingredients present within the skin as well.

Also, do not eat fruits that have been cut hours ago. Eating this type of fruit will not be able to supply your body with the correct nutrients.

So, eat fruits and raw vegetables instantly after they are cut.

Among the vegetables, you must eat capsicum, tomatoes, garlic, onion, leafy greens such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, sesame seeds, parsley, and pumpkin.

All these vegetables are healthy and benefit your health in many ways.

However, you need them in larger amounts during summer and make it a point to have them even if you do not like eating them since they will supply your body with the right amount of anti-oxidants.

Other sources of anti-oxidants apart from fruits and vegetables are red wine, tea, milk, meat, fish, sea-food, offal and nuts. Among the nuts, the hazel nuts, walnuts and pecans are the best.

The different ingredients that they have include anthocyanine, beta carotene, allium sulphur compounds, polyphenols, selenium, vitamins C and E, Thyme, oregano and much more.

It is believed that brighter the color of a fruit or vegetable, a better source of anti-oxidants will it be.

But what is the right amount of these food items that should be consumed?

Well, that depends on the number of servings of the foods and the amount of anti-oxidants present in each food.

Poolside tips for summer:

Never swim under the scorching sun for long periods.

Not only will it lead to the tanning of your skin, it will also not allow you to reap the maximum benefits out of swimming.

It is quite common that the children will want to beat the heat by swimming in the pool.

Even if your children know how to swim, there are certain things which you should keep in mind while you take them for swimming.

First of all, do not allow them to perform breath-holding competitions under water.

There have been instances where the swimmers drowned or came close to drowning while participating in breath-holding competitions under water.

In 2011, there was an incident, rather accident like this.

Two men were practicing holding breath under the water for a military fitness test. They were discovered in an unconscious state under the water and were rushed to the hospital where they died.

These are known as DUBBs (Dangerous Underwater Breath-holding Behaviors). Children often take part in it, just for fun. So, it is advisable that you prevent them from engaging in such activities.
Also, do not choose places other than pools and beaches where life-guards are present.

Make sure that your children never swim in absence of an adult. The pool must be surrounded by a fence on all sides for enhanced safety. Don’t allow the children to swim while wearing diapers since this may spread germs to the others.

DO NOT dive into the pool after an exhaustive physical activity or a sweaty walk along the street.

This might make you fall sick. Instead, allow the sweat to dry up, take a shower bath and then go for swimming. This will allow the perfect transition of temperature as well as prevent the water from getting contaminated with your sweat which may spread diseases in due course.

After swimming, make it a point to towel-dry your skin as well as hair.
We hope that you learned something from these tips and keep yourself safe during the hottest part of the year!