TeleInjury Prevention Program

Ergonomic & Early Intervention Programs

Our Ergonomic Injury Prevention Program has proven to dramatically reduce companies work injuries, claims and costs.  Our program has been implemented in companies nationwide and has consistently demonstrated reductions in lost work days, workplace injuries and related costs.  We focus not only on workplace job design, but also on the workers performing the jobs.

Our results are obtained through:

Ergonomic Job Position Evaluation evaluates your job positions for ergonomic recommendations of human factor and equipment involvement and offers recommendations for improving the fit between the worker and work stations to reduce exposure.

Management Training Upper and middle management, supervisors, and union leaders receive aggressive, expert education on back and/or neck-arm injuries and on the factors that cause injuries, claims and costs.  Enforcement and accountability issues are emphasized in this training.

Employee Motivation TrainingThe goal of employee training is to motivate workers to use their bodies properly on the job and to take care of their working, aging body.  Personal accountability is emphasized.

Ergonomic Team Training: An in-house team of managers, supervisors, and workers receive advanced training so that they can continue to ensure the long-term success of the program and maximize your return on investment.


Along with the trainings, we offer continuation of our ergonomic injury prevention program by offering companies a hands-on/boots-on the ground extension of your current in-house occupational health program.

Our Early Intervention Program (EIP) assists you in reducing OSHA recordables and worker’s compensation costs.  We offer prompt attention to your workers complaining of aches and pains and provide them with prevention measures –both individually and within their work station.

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