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Wellness Seminars

Our Health and Wellness Seminars are available in three formats:chris giving presentation

  1. Single Sessions: Employers can select the topic and CIS Onsite can provide a one time educational seminar. Our seminars are typically 1 hour in length, with individual screening, if requested. All of our programs contain job specific and general health information.

  2. Monthly Sessions: Employers can schedule an entire array of topics on a monthly basis throughout the year. By providing employees different information monthly, there is reinforcement of healthy habits.

  3. Health Fair: Employers can schedule a health fair with various stations, each providing employees with a brief exposure to a particular health issue. Employees can walk through the stations and obtain information of interest. All stations are interactive and staffed with qualified personnel to answer related questions. This format allows for a large number of employees to acquire general information regarding health-related issues.

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