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Client Testimonials

Dear CIS onsite,

I wanted to take a minute to reflect on the success of our business relationship. It is quite remarkable that we’ve now working together for 13 years!

Looking back to 2015, there are many things to celebrate, and that I wanted to thank you for. Although we’ve implemented a variety of health & safety process improvements in our Operations Facility, the most consistent, long-standing and impactful of these has been our on-site therapy, education and Early Intervention (EI) programs with CIS Onsite. These programs have tremendously impacted some key measurements, which equate to positive impact on our business, and more importantly, our people. For example:

  • Our OSHA recordable injury rate was the lowest in 2015 that it has ever been (in the 25 year history of the plant.
  • Largely due to enhanced EI services in the past 2 years, our OSHA recordable rate has reduced by 40% in that time.
  • Since the inception of our programs with you, our OSHA recordable rate has reduced by 73%.
  • Our Days Away/Restricted/Transfer Rates (DART) have improved by similar percentages
  • The number of days lost to injury declined in 2015 to 23, from well over 400 each of the last 2 years.
  • While claim costs are still ‘green’, the cost of workers’ compensation claims has reduced by approximately 70%.
  • It’s also worth noting that these improvements in 2015 have occurred in the year after we consolidated our operations, resulting in more work, more hours and increased exposure to repetitive tasks/processes. I had anticipated a slight increase in our results because of this, so that makes the actual results even more remarkable.

We’re extremely pleased with the work of your providers and the impact your programs have had on our results. I look forward to continuing our relationship, and to continually improving our work environment for the well-being of our employees.

~ Dan, Director – Health, Safety & Environment - Americas

We have been partnering with CIS (Comprehensive Industrial Services) for over 15 years.

The partnership with CIS, has been proven to be a solid business decision.  Having this partnership, has saved our manufacturing company, our Employees’ and our WC carrier; time and money by working on-site around our schedules , eliminating the additional liability of travel and provided our manufacturing company with personal one on one time with the Therapist’s with any concerns/issues that could arise with the Employee through their recovery.  They are able to accommodate our Employees through personal or work injuries, which provides an additional benefit and convenience.

The Therapists have built trusting relationships with the Employees they have treated as well as being a familiar face within our facility, so other employees do not hesitate to stop them when on the production floor and ask questions relating to routine tasks or pain they may be experiencing.  An employee having the ability to interact with them provides another avenue to discuss issues before exacerbating them.

The Therapist’s provide weekly notes to our manufacturing company, the Insurance carrier and the treating Physician(s) so all parties are kept up to date on the progress of the Employee.  This provides a better “team” approach to get that Employee better and back to work and instills trust during recovery.

CIS would be a benefit to any company willing to make them a part of their WC program.

~ Jennifer, Health & Security Supervisor

“I want to express my thanks for the Early Intervention Program services that CIS onsite provided to our company Screen Company, Inc. This year was the safest year in over a decade at our company. The services of CIS onsite were, in my opinion, a contributing factor in achieving these results. In this first year, we experienced fewer MSD injuries and those that we did incure were less in severity. I am looking forward to continuing our relationship with CIS onsite for many years to come.”

~ Gregg, Corporate Safety Director

“We began a relationship with CIS Onsite with an intention to address several occupational safety and medical treatment issues. As our expectations for the program have been fully met and in many cases, exceeded, I wanted to take a minute to recognize and thank you for the services your company has provided us over the past few months. Since we began the program last fall, our employees have been seen by CIS Onsite approximately 200 times.

Assuming we are saving at least one-half hour on each side of a therapy appointment that an employee would have spent traveling to and from a clinic, we have clearly reduced our lost time by at least as many hours. One of the most immediately successful components of our program has been the Early Intervention “first aid” program we established in February. As of the end of last week, a total of 16 injuries had been treated though this program. Of those injuries, 10 of them were treated early enough that they were prevented from becoming recordable injuries, contributing to a 41% reduction in recordable injuries for the first quarter of the first year with CIS onsite.

Above all, the most positive thing I have to say about our experience with CIS onsite is that our relationship works more like a partnership than a vendor-customer relationship. This is important because our goals are the same, to make our injured employees receive outstanding medical care, and to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. You go to great lengths to make sure things are going well, and immediately respond to our needs.

~ Dan, Safety Representative

“As you know we have been utilizing CIS Onsite as our on-site provider of physical therapy for over the past two years and with excellent results. We have enjoyed several benefits of having our physical therapy on-site. First, by having physical therapy on-site, the injured employee is kept in contact with their co-workers as well as their workplace. The on-site therapist has an opportunity to first-hand evaluate the physical demands of the job-site and, thus, adjust the rehabilitation accordingly . . .

Another big plus is with the therapist on-site, the availability to have one-on-one discussions concerning the injured employee’s progress is greatly enhanced. I would recommend your on-site physical therapy program to any organization that has injured employees and wants them back as productive workers as quickly as possible.”

~ Mike, Human Resources Supervisor

“It has been my pleasure to work with CIS Onsite. The staff have all been professional, pleasant and have taken the time to explain and educate us in the area of ergonomics. Our safety record has improved and we are getting closer to our goal of an injury free environment. I would highly recommend the services of CIS onsite to any employer who wishes to provide the best possible care for their employees as well as for those who would like to see a decrease in work related injuries.

~ Phil, Production Supervisor

“We have been using your services since 1999 and I just wanted to tell you how satisfied we have been. I am especially pleased with your prompt response whenever we have a need and the flexibility of you and your staff. As you know, we are a 24-hour operation and your therapists have been at the plant at all hours of the day and night! Other than just being convenient, I think the greatest advantage of having the therapists at our facility is for them to work with our people on the job. The therapists are able to identify movements or habits a worker is doing that may be contributing to their discomfort and/or injury. The job analyses prepared by your staff have been first-rate. I would highly recommend your company to any business considering on-site occupational or physical therapy, ergonomic services and injury prevention services.

~ Barb, Occupational Health Nurse

“I have used CIS onsite extensively for case managment services and CIS onsite is a part of the team I used that has cut our costs from 7.5 mil in 2012 to 6 mil in 2013 and 5 mil in 2014.” 

~ Phil, Claims Specialist

“We have been most pleased with CIS Onsite. We have seen excellent results from this therapy and the job evaluations done by the therapist are very valuable to all of us.

Specifically here are some reasons I prefer the onsite therapy to any of the alternatives available to us:

  • The therapists have been very flexible…

  • I maintain frequent verbal contact with the therapist.

  • I receive weekly type written reports that detail progress towards goals.

  • The therapists are able to provide almost all therapies other than whirlpool / pool therapy…

  • The onsite therapy is more cost effective than off site.”

~ Reta, Industrial Health Specialist

“We have been most pleased with CIS onsite. We have seen excellent results from their onsite therapy and the onsite job evaluations done by the therapists are very valuable to all of us”

~ Industrial Health Specialist

“CIS onsite stands out against their peers. They used real examples from our facility in their initial training program. The information they share with us on a weekly basis is both timely and very detailed”

~ Health and Safety Coordinator

“Great asset to our company, quick response/availability, professional, first hand updates, detailed ergonomic assessments for job tasks, long term injury rate and recorable injury rate down”

~ Safety Specialist

“Thank you all very much for being so responsive and helpful. We certainly appreciate all you’ve done and are very happy with the decreased pain/ discomfort our employee has seen. Your early intervention professional has done a wonderful job for our employee.”

~ Production Supervisor

“I highly recommend and encourage any person or business to partner with CIS onsite in developing a successful program to reduce the issues surrounding ergonomics and creating a healthier, safer work environment for their employees”

~ EHS&F Leader

“CIS onsite is a partner in preventing work place injuries. They are key to our success in reducing our DART rate & keeping our employees healthy”

~ EHS and Sustainability Manager

“The injury prevention training classes went very well. I feel this is one of the strongest steps we have made towards improving safety, and ergonomics and injuries in years”

~ Health, Safety & Environment Manager

“CIS onsite Early Intervention Program has had a tremendous effect over the last 2 years, reducing our OSHA Recorable rate by 73% YTD compared to rates prior to utilizing their services. We look forward to growing our relationship with the CIS onsite group and to continue to improve our safety performance + culture.”

~ Environmental, Health, Safety Manager

“We have used CIS onsite for several years. They work with your employee’s schedules and all of the work is onsite. They have become a very good partner with our safety program.”

~ EHS Manager

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