TeleInjury Prevention Program

Who We Are

CIS onsite is your strategic partner working together in assisting you in maintaining a healthy and productive workforce by offering injury prevention, therapy, and case management services onsite at your facility.

Our company’s philosophy is based on a dual-trained certified rehabilitation specialist focusing on the medical aspects and vocational implications of workplace injuries. We believe that being able to work and be productive truly offers benefits on multiple levels for every employee and company.  We see the value in keeping all employees working from both the employer and the employee viewpoints. When
employees are unable to work – we offer proactive solutions that get the employees back to work as soon as possible.


CIS onsite seeks to be the premier provider of solutions to industries to reduce their workers compensation and health insurance costs.  We foster the principals of clinical excellence, outstanding services, community involvement, mutual respect, and integrity.

Our History and Evolution:

CIS onsite was founded in 1997 with the belief that the then current practice of worker’s compensation rehabilitation services was lacking continuity from clinic rehabilitation services discharge to the transition of the injured worker returning to their previous job position.   We recognized a need to develop a way for injured workers to be able to return safely and more effectively to their previous pre-injury position.  We believed that if the worker could be rehabilitated onsite at their employer’s facility utilizing traditional therapy and real work duties the potential for a successful return to work would be maximized.

We were among the forefront of companies that brought the rehabilitation of the injured worker directly into the work environment to provide the rehabilitation onsite at company’s facilities and job sites, assisting the injured worker in a safe, smooth transition back into their jobs.  The onsite rehabilitation proved to produce improved clinical results for the injured worker and significantly lowered the rehabilitation costs for the employer.

Due to our customer’s needs, CIS onsite quickly grew from offering onsite therapy and case management to providing injury prevention and wellness services. We also expanded from offering services only in the Midwest to offering services nationwide.

CIS onsite view our customers as strategic partners, with whom we work together toward mutual objectives.  We pride ourselves in offering customized solutions based on the needs of the employers with whom we partner.  We provide services within many industries – from manufacturing, distribution, construction, retail, service, hospitality, transportation, utilities, municipalities, food service, trucking – and within organizations of all sizes – from Fortune 500 companies to regional/local/small businesses. Our management and professional team is committed to excellent customer service which shows by our dedication to meeting the needs of our clients.

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