TeleInjury Prevention Program

Medical Case Management

Telephonic Medical Case Management:

  • Four-point contact (employer, employee, physician, and claim representative)

  • Individualized follow-up for the life of the claim, from injury to return to work.

  • Objective, professional assessment of potentially conflicting reports from all parties involved in the claim.

When Appropriate:

  1. When definitive diagnosis is required.

  2. To establish early employee communication.

Field Medical Case Management:

  • Personalized supervision of the transition from injury to return to work.

  • On-site consultation with employers to explore modified-duty or early return to work options.

When Appropriate:

  1. Physician primarily directs attention to medical care.

  2. Illusion of sufficient medical care without resolution.

  3. Long-standing pre-existing conditions prolonging disability.

  4. Complicated diagnosis.

  5. Claimant seeing several physicians.

  6. Need for medical reports and coordination of services for timely conclusion.

  7. Establish causal relationship between a work injury and current condition.

  8. Employer is uninformed of employee progress or ability to return to work.


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