TeleInjury Prevention Program

Work Conditioning

 In conjunction to our/or in additional to traditional therapy, our therapists provide onsite work conditioning to your injured employee. The rehabilitation consists of the employee performing real work activities under the supervision of the therapist at your facility.  This permits the therapist to modify the employee’s work techniques in order to prevent further injury while conditioning the employee to ensure a smooth transition back into performing their job safely.

Advantages of Onsite Work Conditioning Program

  • The therapist works with the employee in the workplace as they are performing regular duty job tasks. Treatment utilizes job-specific equipment and real work tasks- no simulation.
  • The therapist is able to ensure that the employee’s workstation is ergonomically correct and is able to provide modification recommendations during treatment.
  • The therapist can design a treatment program that specifically addresses the actual demands of the injured workers job. This allows for the employee to condition their body for their specific job requirement. This minimizes recovery time.
  • The therapist is able to determine the employee’s tolerance to the required work activities and make appropriate modifications to the return to full duty timeframe throughout treatment.
  • Since the therapist is able to assess the demands of the job first hand, they are able to accurately assess the employee’s ability to transition into their regular duty job successfully with reduced potential for re-injury.



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