TeleInjury Prevention Program

Why us?


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Our unique philosophy is based on a dual-trained certified rehabilitation specialist focusing on the medical aspects and vocational implications of workplace injuries.

Our belief of being able to work and be productive truly offers benefits on multiple levels for every employee and company.  We see the value in keeping all employees working from both the employer and the employee viewpoints. When employees are unable to work – we offer proactive solutions that get the employees back to work as soon as possible.


We are a nationwide network so no matter where you are, CIS onsite is there.

We are able to provide local service providers that are familiar with your geographical location. We offer you the same customized services that match your needs at any of your locations whether you have one employee that needs our services or many.


We do not require a big commitment.

We can provide services for as little as a few hours one day a week or we can staff a full time consultant. It all depends on your individualized needs.  No matter how much time is invested, you can rely on your employees receiving the highest quality of services.


We provide all our services 24/7 –

because if your company doesn’t shut down, your injury prevention and rehabilitation services shouldn’t either. We offer a one-stop-shop for all your injury prevention and rehabilitation needs, except you don’t even have to make one stop, we come to you.



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