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May – June 2022

CIS Onsite: Our Philosophy   CIS Onsite has the most comprehensive services available to companies that are looking for an onsite program to keep their most valuable assets heathy, their Employees. We provide all of these services 24/7 because if your company doesn’t shut down, your injury prevention services shouldn’t [...]

March- April 2022

March- April 2022 CIS onsite is excited to announce that we have a new more interactive web site. Please visit us at www.cisonsite.com CIS onsite provides onsite services that protects your most valuable assets, Your Employees. CIS onsite services directly reduce claims, injuries (OSHA recordable/Dart rate) and costs (workers compensation MOD rate) through our proactive services of: [...]

January- February 2022

January- February 2022 New Year’s resolution working out, question for our early intervention specialist?                         As an early intervention specialist, I get this question multiple times around this time of year… What are some good exercises to do as part of my resolution I want to get in good [...]

November- December 2021

November- December 2021 Most common asked questions from Safety Professionals while onsite at facilities. We asked a CIS onsite Early Intervention Program Specialist what are some of the most commonly asked questions you are asked from safety professionals while you are preforming onsite injury prevention services at their facilities? Q: [...]

September- October 2021

September- October 2021 CIS onsite Upcoming Safety Events! CIS onsite will be exhibiting at the following events, we look forward to connecting with you to discuss ways we can help protect your most valuable asset, “Your Employees”.   VPPPA 2021 Safety + Symposium August 31-September 2, 2021, at the Gaylord [...]

July- August 2021

July- August 2021 Interview with CIS onsite Early Intervention Specialist Hello, my name is Chris……. The Early Intervention Program (EIP) has greatly helped all of my clients.  The one comment I always hear from safety professionals at all locations I go into is the EIP program gives us a step [...]

May- June 2021

May- June 2021 Workplace Safety: Solutions to protect your most valuable assess, “Your Employees”. Having questions about your workplace safety? Ask yourself these questions: What programs/processes does your company use during the hiring process? What programs/process are available to address the increased risk of injury from an aging workforce? When [...]

March – April 2021

March – April 2021 CIS onsite virtual training! ASSP NEIL Chapter: Ergonomic Injury Prevention: Strains and Sprains (Webinar)! March 19, 2021, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm CST. https://neil.assp.org/events/osha-update-webinar/? This presentation will provide the attendees with information on the financial impact of workplace injuries. Included is a brief description of the spine and its role [...]

January – February 2021

January – February 2021 Protect your Most Valuable Asset, Your Employees! NOW is the time to protect your most valuable asset, your employees! As we move through 2021 we will all be entering a new era of keeping our employees healthy and safe at the work place.  CIS onsite partners [...]

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