TeleInjury Prevention Program

Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy


We provide one-on-one functionally oriented therapy treatment for injured employees. Our therapy consists of modalities as appropriate, but our main focus is on function and manual treatment techniques along with job site involvement.  Our program offers the opportunity to solve the problems that produced the injury by working with your employees at their job sites to provide solutions.   Each therapy session is one-on-one and each therapy plan changes from employee to employee, which provides each employee with a specialized treatment plan for their specific injury and the demands of their job position.

Advantages of Onsite Therapy Services

  • All therapy is provided onsite at the employer facility. This significantly reduces the amount of time the injured worker is away from the job site.

  • The onsite therapist performs a first-hand analysis of the employee’s specific job duties and work environment.

  • The onsite therapist can design a treatment program that specifically addresses the actual demands of the injured worker’s job.

  • The onsite therapist can utilize job-specific equipment and real work tasks in the treatment of the injured worker.

  • Injured workers receiving onsite therapy typically return to full-duty faster and with better success than those receiving therapy in the clinic. This saves the employer both time and money.

  • The injured worker can transition back to his regular duty or alternative duty job while under the direct supervision of the onsite therapist who ensures that safe work techniques are being used to prevent further injury. The worker is performing productive work for the employer during this transition.

  • During the transitional return to work period, the injured worker is undergoing work conditioning specific to the demands of his job. This results in a more successful return to work.

  • Treating the injured worker at the job-site allows the worker additional opportunities to maintain social contacts and can minimize the psychological and social problems that often accompany a lost-time work injury. This allows for an accelerated and more successful return to work.gia therapy 20


Why wait any longer for your employees to be healthy and productive? Complete our referral form, print and email to us at: or fax to us at: 708-460-8076.  We will get back to you to schedule an appointment.

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